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Deliverable Can Still Be Dangerous!

Protect your Sender Reputation and improve your email deliverability by rapidly identifying active, hidden and malicious email threats with Webbula Email Verification and Threat Detection.


Why should you use Webbula to improve your email list quality?

More than simple email verification. We scan for over 50+ email address threats. The Webbula advantage over standard, run-of-the-mill email verification.


Identify Fraudulent Emails


Improve Deliverability


Safeguard your Sender Reputation


Prevent In-Form Data Collection Issues


Prevent Email Aging Issues

Audience Data

Return on Investment

The reason why we use Webbula is what we've found in that those email addresses [used to sign up for wifi] can be incorrect. Webbula i able to automatically correct many of the incorrectly formatted email addresses. This makes guests who would normally be anonymous to us, know known, and gives us a way to reach back out to them and get them into a regular communication stream." 

Daryle Powers,

Vice President of CRM at Cedar Fair Entertainment Company