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Deliverable Can Still Be Dangerous!

Protect your Digioh Forms from bot attacks and other threats. Integrate Webbula Email Verification + Threat Detection API Today! 


Why should you protect your forms with Webbula?

More than simple email verification. We scan for over 50+ email address threats as they enter your Digioh forms. The Webbula advantage over standard, run-of-the-mill email verification.


Identify Fraudulent Emails


Improve Deliverability


Safeguard your Sender Reputation


Prevent In-Form Data Collection Issues


Prevent Email Aging Issues

Audience Data

Return on Investment

The reason why we use Webbula is what we've found in that those email addresses [used to sign up for wifi] can be incorrect. Webbula i able to automatically correct many of the incorrectly formatted email addresses. This makes guests who would normally be anonymous to us, know known, and gives us a way to reach back out to them and get them into a regular communication stream." 

Daryle Powers,

Vice President of CRM at Cedar Fair Entertainment Company