Mastering Tax Industry Email Marketing in 2023


If you want your tax email marketing campaign to be successful in 2023 and later, you should regularly update your strategies according to current industry trends as well as your campaign results. Additionally, you want to make sure that the data quality of your contact lists is high.

This guide provides everything you need to know about building a strategy and keeping your data quality of your contact list in good shape.

Look what's inside:

•  What is email marketing?

• The benefits of email marketing for the tax industry

• How to build an email marketing strategy

• Set your Email Marketing Tax Goals

• Find your Email Service Provider

• Building your email subscriber list

• Segmenting your Audience

• Cleaning your email lists

• Protecting Your Webforms

• Planning your welcome email(s)

• Planning for a weekly/monthly newsletter

• Planning your campaigns

• Taking advantage of Email Automation

• Integrating Emails with SMS & Social

• Analyzing Results

• Truth in Data: Why Webbula

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