Inactive Email Subscribers: Measure and Minimize Instead of Reactivating

Webbula Metrics Series Discussion

Watch this lively discussion about making the most out of your inactive email subscribers. Loren and Dela share their insights and experiences with sending to “inactive” subscribers, and ultimately answering the age-old question: to send or not to send?

Loren McDonald, Dela Quist, Jenna Devinney on video chat

Key Learnings

  • How to more effectively determine “inactivity”
  • When you should be emailing your inactive list to maximize results
  • How to tell a story to your audience, whether they open or not!
  • Why you shouldn’t send “We want you back!” reactivation emails

Your Speakers

Jennacircle Jenna Devinney, Webbula
Loren Loren McDonald, EV Adoption (author of the article)
dela-1 Dela Quist, Alchemy Worx & Touchstone Intelligence Marketing

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