Your Pre-Send Email Checklist: Stop Email Marketing Mistakes in Their Tracks

Reduce email marketing mistakes. Improve email campaign ROI.


Butterflies before hitting the “Send” button on your email campaign are a normal occurrence. You’re not alone!

We know email marketers move at a break-neck pace. When you're moving that quickly, mistakes are inevitable. With the right pre-launch email checklist in place, they don't have to be.

Our Pre-Send Email Checklist will guide you through how to:

  • Measure campaign performance
  • Prepare your email list for max engagement and ROI
  • Plan your delivery for the most optimal time
  • Review your content for errors and issues
  • Evaluate call to actions for clarity and strength
  • And test, test, test your HTML, links, and more

Start sleeping a little better at night. Use this free tool to prevent mistakes.

Download the checklist!