6 Ways Customer Lifetime Value Can Drive Email Marketing Strategy

Webbula Metrics Series Discussion

In this episode of our Monthly Metrics Series, Emma and Tammi from Trendline talk about the importance of measuring Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and how it can better inform your email marketing strategy. Watch the discussion to get more details on how to identify the best-value customers and how to acquire more like them through email.

Smuel Herschberg, Jenna Devinney, Tammi Miller, and Emma Warrillow on Zoom meeting

Key Learnings

  • How to calculate customer lifetime value
  • When it makes the most sense to cross-sell or up-sell
  • Why CLV is so important to determine the impact of non-revenue-driving channels like newsletters and post-purchase thank you emails

Your Speakers

Jennacircle Jenna Devinney, Webbula



Emma Warrillow, Trendline Interactive (author of the article)



Tammi Miller, Trendline Interactive (author of the article)



Shmuel Herschberg, Shyn Media

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