Click-to-Open Rate: The Best Measurement of Email Engagement

Webbula Metrics Series Discussion

In this discussion, email experts Betsy and Tejas discuss the benefits of using click-to-open rate to gauge your email engagement over click-through rate. This powerful metric can guide everything from your subscriber segmentation to your email content strategy.

Tejas Pitkar, Jenna Devinney, and Betsy Grondy on Zoom Meeting

Key Learnings

  • How to improve click-to-open rate (CTOR)
  • Why you should use CTOR to inform your segmentation
  • When CTOR is a better indicator of engagement than CTR
  • What to expect for CTOR metrics across different types of campaigns

Your Speakers

Jennacircle Jenna Devinney, Webbula



Betsy Grondy, Email on Acid (author of the article)


Tejas Pitkar, Netcore Cloud

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