The Complete Guide to Email Hygiene 


Ever find yourself struggling to keep up with accurate email addresses? Insufficient data can cost you more than sales. It can heavily impact the relationship between you and your customers. 

This guide provides everything you need to know about keeping your email lists clean, why email hygiene is better than verification, and we even go into detail about what types of email threats could be hiding in your lists.

Look what's inside:

  • What is Email Hygiene
  • Benefits of Email Hygiene
  • Email Sender Reputation and Why it Matters
  • How Email Hygiene Improves Deliverability
  • Email Hygiene Vs. Email Verification
  • Why you Need Email Hygiene with double opt-in
  • The difference between spam traps and honeypot email addresses
  • How to avoid spam traps and protect your sender reputation
  • How to develop good email list hygiene practices
  • How to grow your email list
  • How to use email metrics to diagnose email list health
  • Why consider real-time API Email Verification Tool

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